1)         Can a single non-elderly person apply for housing?

Yes.  All families who apply must be income eligible and will be offered the appropriated sized voucher or housing unit

2)         Can individuals sharing a unit apply separately?

No.  The total household is counted as one unit and needs to meet income criteria for housing assistance

3)         What amounts must I include as income when completing the application?

Gross amount of payroll, commissions, fees, tips, bonuses, compensation for personal services, social security, supplemental security income, income from assets, unemployment compensation, child support, spousal support, worker’s compensation, TANF, pensions, etc., (if you have any questions whether something is income please contact the housing authority).

4)         What if I have a garnishment from my wages or pension, is the net amount used?

The public housing authority must use the gross amount - garnishments are treated like any other family expense.

5)         Can I have a pet and be on assistance or live in public housing?

When you are on housing assistance the landlord you select decides if they will allow pets and if you reside in a public housing unit pets are allowed but must have prior approval and meet the requirements of the pet policy.

6)         Do I have to report all changes in my income?

The PHA determines the amount the participants is likely to receive during the next twelve month period and if an increase in wages or benefits is received the family will not have to report the change.  If the family has no verifiable income at the time of admission or at annual recertification the family must report when they begin receiving income.  If a family fails to report when they went off of -0- income a repayment agreement would have to be kept current to continue on the housing program.

7)         What would I pay for rent?

You pay approximately 30% for shelter (rent + utilities) of the monthly adjusted income.  Adjusted income is gross less any deductions for child care or medical expenses if the head of your household if handicapped or disabled.

8)         Can I deduct the child support I have to pay?


9)         Do I have to report the income of my dependent students?

Yes.  The income needs to be reported but in most cases is then excluded from your annual income.

10)       Do I have to personally go to the housing office to apply?

Applications will be accepted by mail or coming into the office.

11)       Can I apply for more than one housing program?

Yes, you may apply for any or all housing programs that you qualify for.

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